Characters and Their Stories

The eerie world of the Midway confronts you with several characters, each of them featuring a most tragic tale which is their life. One of your goals as a player is to get to know all these tragic stories.

Because the storytelling of "Bad Day on the Midway" is heavily fractured, some people may find it rather difficult to learn about the characters and their stories. On this page you will find an overview.

But keep in mind, that you will most likely learn about additional and different things, if you listen closely to the dialogue and observe the character's thoughts!

Main -playable- Characters

This is an overview over the characters, written in a short non-spoilery way.

If you want to have the official character description, consider downloading the official manual that covers characters and locations, too. Even more backstory is available in the official strategy guidebook, published by Prima Publishing.


Timmy is a 10-year-old boy, skipping his violin lessons for a fun day on the Midway amusement park. He wanders around the Midway, chats with other characters and generally marvels at everything - and this is his only objective: to walk around and gaze in amazement. He is a kind spirited child and knows no fear of contact.

Because of his innocence, he is the only character that is safe from all threats within the game. He is the only character that cannot be killed by the game's script itself, only by the player's carelessness (see here).


Because her husband Ike, the current owner of the Midway, is said to have died, Dixie is the manager of the small amusement park and she's running all operations. Clearly, she's in over her head and the Midway is going downhill fast.

She wanders around the Midway, talking to other characters. In her heart she always wanted to be a country singer and even submitted some demo tapes.

In the back of her room, she nurses the Coma Man. She thinks it's Ike, others think it's Jocko, one of her lovers. But is he Jocko, and is Ike really dead? Later in the game, she encounters the IRS Man and her objective changes to search for the missing taxes of the previous five years.


Dagmar is a tattooed showgirl who is always seen with her two dobermans Huck and Chuck. Past encounters with men trying to abuse her have made her appreciate dogs more than humans, and her body is covered in dog tattoos. In her show she teases men to be her next tattoo if they are on par with her dogs.

When playing Dagmar, the game's clock will slow down noticably (see here at "Interface and Basics"). Her objective (if you even want to call it that) is to promote her show on the Midway. She does not feature her own ending, as her ending is included in one of the IRS Man's endings.


Being the most disliked character by everyone else in the game (and according to the manual, having been bullied at school a lot), Otto is the operator of the Racing Rat game. He stutters noticably and has been blackmailing Dixie to get his Rat Racing booth upgraded.

He dies in every playthrough, no matter which choices the player makes, and therefore does not have his own ending.


We soon find out, that someone kills people on the Midway - it's Ted, a psychotic killer. Inspired by his father's collection of butterflies (which can be found in his room) and his bad childhood, he believes that most people are ugly, and ugly things must be disposed of. He does not talk to anyone except Timmy and most other characters are creeped out by Ted, who is the son of Lottie the Human Log.

Going to certain locations as an adult character will make Ted startle and kill them instantly. When visiting these locations as Timmy nothing happens.

Jocko (aka Jacky)

This mysterious character appears late in the game, featuring a stetson and "a weird beard" (according to Timmy). He asks Dixie for a job and introduces himself as "Jacky". Other characters, such as Dagmar, seem to recognize him somehow but can't quite put the finger on it.

Dixie is under the impression that the Coma Man in the back of her room is Ike, but everone else actually thinks it's Jocko, the former partner of the park's owner Ike (and Dixie's sexual fling).

Later we find out that Jacky is indeed - surprise! - Jocko. Ike told him about some hidden gold on the Midway, which led to Jocko trying to kill Ike. (So, who is the Coma Man, then? Hm...) His objective is to retrieve a CCTV tape that reveals his attempted murder.


Also late in the game, the IRS Man appears on the Midway and asks Dixie to gather all tax documents and receipts for the past five years.

While he first only needs Dixie to get the documents, he soon develops a crush on Dagmar, being a dog-lover himself.


Side -non-playable- Characters

Madame Mandrake

see Attractions.

Lottie the Human Log

She is half-human, half-tree - after losing her legs in a car accident - and performs her own show on the Midway (like Dagmar). She is Ted's mother and he has a room in the back of her attraction. She never leaves her room.

Oscar the Racing Rat

This red-headed rat is Otto's pet rat, which he uses in his Racing Rat game. He infects other characters with the Red Plague at some point (see here).

Oscar can (sort of) be played as, but cannot be controlled like other characters. If the player switches into his body, a clip is played showing Oscar's view while running around the Midway (called "Rat Cam"). The clip ends on top of the rollercoaster, that can only be (again, sort of) accessed this way and by none other character.


Ike is the creator and owner of the Midway and Dixie's husband. He certainly did not make a mystery about his political views. For some years now, he's considered dead. What happened? Well, people talk about an "accident" in the Abominable Snowman exhibition, but nobody really knows for sure.

However, it soon becomes clear that he is the Coma Man, even though everyone except Dixie thinks it's Jocko. He stays in a coma wrapped in gauze, deformed and maimed by falling into a barrel of acid, and laying in the private room of the "Kill-A-Commie Shooting Gallery".

In every ending (except for Dixie's) Ike can be seen obviously awake, running across the path behind Madame Mandrake and screaming Dixie's name.