Endings and Possible Deaths

Instead of one or two standard endings, this game features several different endings - depending on the game's clock, the current character and the like. Almost every character has his or her own ending, which will be addressed here.

Also, there are several ways to die. Most of them are caused by Oscar or Ted. See down below for a complete list.

Note that the ratings are highly subjective, depending on which character you think about. Timmys ending is great for him (with him surviving and all) but for all others it's not (being dead). So, decide for yourself if you agree to my ratings ;-)

Also, major spoiler alert!

Even though this game is not about a coherent storyline, it's much more fun to discover the different endings for yourself. However, it is sometimes difficult to reach them, so here's a complete list. Just in case you missed something.



If the time is up and Timmy is the current (selected) character, all other characters will be dead by then. The game will end with Timmy saying "Wow! What a great place, I have to come back here tomorrow!" and him leaving, as the camera zooms out and rain begings to fall.

This ending is attached to most of the other endings listed here, as a sort of coda.

Rating: Good! :-)


If Dixie is the last adult character alive, the game will transport her to go to the Sperm Whale Exhibit where she finds Ike's diary. She learns that he faked to be paralized, before being in a coma, to avoid having children with her. She then proceeds to the private room of the Kill-A-Commie Shooting Gallery, where Ike wakes up.

They find out that Dixie has received a check in the mail from a record company who successfully published a song she had recorded. They leave the Midway and found a Ku-Klux-Klan-themed amusement park in Idaho together.

Rating: Good! :-)


If Jocko is the selected character when the time runs out, and only he and Ted are left alive, he will go to Ted's room. There, a copy of the missing surveillance tape is on Ted's console. It shows Jocko attempting to murder a certain Midway owner. Seeing this tape enrages Jocko who confronts Ted and whips out a knife. Ted shoots a poisonous dart to Jockos forehead (as he does when killing the other adult characters) and begins holding his usual (death-)speech about ugliness to the paralized Jocko. Suddenly Oscar zips around Ted's feet, scaring him. He jumps, slips and impales himself on Jockos knife.

Jocko drops Timmy off at the entrance of the Miday just as the police arrives to arrest him. Turns out, Ted's tape was just a copy and the original was already with the police.

Rating: So-so. :-|


If Ted is the last adult remaining character, his thoughts will tell you to look at himself in the "Eye of the Maniac" mirror. He then proceeds to hold his (death-)speech, this time to his reflection. Then he climbs on the "Torture's Top Ten" attraction, fastens a noose around his neck and jumps.

Rating: Bad! :-(


1. With Dagmar surviving as well, they find out that they form a bond over their love for dogs. They start dating and drop Timmy of at the entrance. However, Dagmar hints on the IRS Man having a bad breath problem - it does seem like the relationship is already doomed and will not last very long.

Rating: So-So. :-|

2. If the IRS Man is the last adult character alive, he will shut down the Midway and warn Timmy: "This is what happens when you cheat your government!".

Rating: Bad! :-(


Possible Deaths

Red Rat Plague

This one is really hard to avoid, unfortunately! During the last half of the game, Oscar bites Otto who becomes infected with an airborne virus. The characters infected with this virus will suddenly suffer from a high fever and extreme redness of their face.

If you're playing as an aduld character, they will indicate an infection by thoughts like "I think I have a fever". Not switching character will cause the screen to turn red as time passes. In the end, if you did not switch the character, the game will end.

During the game, you will see other characters die of this plague (e.g. IRS Man, Dagmar, Dixie, etc). Who bites the dust is, as far as I know, randomly decided by the programming of the game. Exceptions: Our patient zero, Otto, will always die, as well as Lottie, whereas Timmy can not be infected at all, so he never dies of this darn plague.

Ted killing people

If you visit certain locations in the game (they are marked in my list) as an adult character, there is a very high chance that Ted will appear out of nowhere and paralize the character with a poisonous dart into their forehead. He will then hold a short speech about how ugly the character is and that all ugliness must be destroyed.

He then "liberates" the character from their ugliness by strangling them. Timmy will never fall victim to Ted: He tells him in the Warehouse: "You will be all right...", possibly due to his innocent nature that reminds Ted of better times. (Ted seems to like Timmy, as the boy is the only character Ted talks to.)

You can avoid a game over here, if you click between Ted's eyes as soon as the camera zooms in (the usual eyeball-cursor appears). You'll have to be quick, though! If you succeeded you will first see your previously selected character die (creepy!) and then continue as Timmy in a random location.

Tripping in the Snowman Exhibit

If you progress up the stairs of the "The Abominable Snowman" exhibit, there's a sign that says "DANGER!". It rightfully warns you about a broken floor and if you walk past it, your character will lose balance. He / She will fall over the rail, landing on the floor and being crushed by the Snowman Skeleton falling from the ceiling.

This is the only way Timmy can die.