Locations and Game Strategies

While you're moving on rails, there are several locations you may visit. The Midway is basically a loop and if you click forward you will eventually come back to where you started.

If you're playing to see a certain event, keep in mind that entering and exiting a building will advance the game's clock (except when playing as Dagmar).

Further down below, I listed some information that may help you during your playthrough. Keep in mind that this makes it easier for you to get to know all the bits and pieces of the game and its story, but will probably water down the experience for you. So, proceed with caution!


Kill-A-Commie Shooting Gallery

This attraction features a shooting gallery like the ones you probably know from funfairs, but with communist leaders as targets. When approaching the rifle, a corresponding clip is played.

Created by Ike, it is operated and run by Dixie with the Coma Man resting in the room marked as "Private".

The Warehouse

A warehouse in the middle of the Midway, storing cardboard cutouts, figurines and other objects. Ted states that he likes the place, being dark and quiet.

Note: Any adult character entering this location will be killed by Ted here.

Sperm Whale Giving Birth to an Electric Eel

Most characters cannot enter this building and it is marked as "closed" by signs. It features a broken whale made of fiberglass and several broken aquariums. It was once one of Ike's most famous attractions, right up until the whale's tail fell of, revealing the fake nature of the exhibit. It has been closed to the public since then.

Note: Any adult character entering this location will be killed by Ted here.

Dagmar the Dog Woman's Theater

Dagmar performs a one-woman show in this theater. If you enter as Ted you can watch her story here. Timmy is far too young to enter, so only other adults can enter the theater. There's a peephole on the side of the building, that can be used late in the game.

Note: Any adult character entering this location will be killed by Ted here.

Oscar the Racing Rat

Here, at this fancy booth, Oscar the Rat races and characters can encounter Otto. It's a roulette-style game with patrons betting on which hole Oscar will go into, after being spun around a few times. Of course, Otto rigged the game so nobody will ever win a game.

Marvels of Mayhem

In this attraction you are greeted by a talking animatronic bust of Ike, the owner of the Midway. Take a seat within a tank, jeep or helicopter and enjoy the ride! The center of this attraction is a merry-go-round featuring depictions of war.

Lottie the Human Log

This saw mill themed cabin is where Lottie the Human Log, Ted's mother, performs her one-woman show. In the back of the theater is Ted's (creepy) room.

Tortures Top Ten horror house

A special kind of ghost train ride featuring ten clips of disturbing (artistic) renditions of torture and death. It's probably more abstract than Ike wanted, though. The player is transported around the ride by a cart as usual with normal dark rides in theme parks, traveling from display to display.

Note: Any adult character entering this location will be killed by Ted here.

The Three-Headed Abominable Snowman Skeleton Exhibit

This attraction does not only feature the longest name in history of carnival attractions, it is also the largest attraction in the game. Planned by Ike to be his masterpiece, he created a display using animal bones and sulfuric acid. Unfortunately, Ike had a rather tragic "accident" here... A skeleton with three heads is displayed here and seemingly almost finished, but the attraction is marked as "closed" by several sings. In the far back you can find Ike's workshop where the "accident" happened. On the upper floor there's an abyss caused by structural damages. So, watch your step!

Also, this is the first location Jocko goes to as he wants to retrieve the surveillance tape.

Eye of the Maniac

A funhouse mirror that reflects the distorted image of the current character. It is surrounded by eyeballs, an obvious reference to the game's designers, The Residents, who perform only with eyeball-masks for heads.

Madame Mandrake

An automatic fortune teller machine and the first thing the players sees. Madame Mandrake mixes up sayings, so her "predictions" do not make sense (e.g. "The early worm is stranger than fiction").

Other locations:
  • "Serpent of Satan": This rollercoaster is closed since the Midway doesn't have the funds for maintenance. You can only kinda access it during "Rat Cam".

Map of the Midway

Here's a map of the Midway, courtesy of the "Prima's Secrets of the Games" official strategy guide, written by Jeff Sengstack.
Copyright © Prima Publishing, all rights reserved.

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Gameplay stuff and hints

Here, I will point out some lesser known facts and tidbits, that may guide you a little more throughout your journey.

Please be advised that this section will contain spoilers. Even though these won't be classical spoilers, because the game is very different from a movie or other games, these information may still spoil your playthroughs. I'll not get into every detail of the game, but will rather give you some starting points. What's the fun in an unpredictable game, when you can predict everything?

In case you did not read this line, let me make it clear:

Spoilers ahead!

Anyways, here we go:

Save early, save often

  • Contrary to popular opinion (and contrary to some incorrect information on the internet), you can save and reload the game basically at any point. On Windows, hit Control-S to save. On Mac, it's Command-S. If you want to reload, hit Control-M (Windows) or Command-M (Mac) to open the menu bar.
  • If you are at a crossroads, it's a good idea to save your game and later reload it. Due to the randomness of the game, reloading a saved game will cause the progression after a reload to always differ. So, if you reload a savegame (and take it as a basis), you can explore the randomness of the game pretty well.
  • You cannot access all areas as all characters, at all times. Save, and try again with a different character, or at a different time if something is off-limits to your character.

Time and the clock

Character specifics

How to avoid death, or, I want to survive!

Misc and Trivia

Go, play!

I hope you're all set now and you learned more about the inner workings of the game.

There is much more to discover, so go ahead - have a Bad Day on the Midway!